1.02 – ‘Teen Spirit’

February 17, 2008 - 4 Responses

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For their first mission, the Arrows are thrust back into the hormonal corridors of high school, to bring together the quirky drama teacher, Rosa and straight-laced principal, Daniel.

Matchmaking is proving to be harder than they thought – and for Katerina, it’s time to confront some ugly colours from her past…

Running time approx 22 minutes


Read after you have watched the episode, as this may contain spoilers!

Whew – I can’t believe I’ve finally finished it! The final product comes to about 22 minutes – much longer than the pilot. But I think the length was necessary. There was just a lot in this episode that I needed to establish. A lot about Kat, and I also needed there to be enough in there to develop the Rosa/Daniel story.

A HUGE thank you goes to all my cast members: Jeni_H (Kat), Abductee (Aaron), Jared Boucher (Connor), Leisawessa (Rita). And a very special thank you to Tolmek, who is my new Cupid, and was an absolute gem for doing the lines in such short notice. The rest of the cast – thank you to you all for lending me your talents: Laroling (Rosa), Blackessence (Lucy), futureactorjon (Evan), kiddicliche (Zara), cowxhugger12 (Jackie) and timnop (Ben).

This was a very difficult episode to do, in terms of the story arc – I had to rewrite the script quite a few times. I originally had totally different subplots, revolving around a drama production of a Shakespeare play (ah no, not Romeo and Juliet – that would have been far too cliche for Kat, it would have been one of the tragedies :)). But that suplot began to engulf Kat’s story, and so I had to change it. R.I.P Anna and Blake (the two characters you will never meet, hah).

When I think about the series as a whole, this episode is probably not as strong in terms of its storyline (compared to the rest) – but there were some things I really needed to establish at this stage, which I hope will make sense by the time I’m done with the series.

The flashbacks! I have to talk about these for a bit, as this introduces the structure of future episodes. I always intended the series to be more about the characters than their missions; their missions are more a way they figure out certain things about themselves and each other. So it is more about the arrows than their missions, but the missions play a very important role :). Some, more than others, as will become apparent in later episodes (hehe). So each episode will delve into portions of each Arrow’s life alongside the various missions.

One thing I am hoping that people note in this episode is that even though Kat doesn’t have her happy ending with Evan, she still steps away from her clique. Hopefully, this tells you a lot about her character – and the person she is on the road to becoming. This first flashback is not the definitive explanation of who Kat is; it is simply the beginning of an important sequence of events in her life.

So, I hope you guys enjoy the episode. I hope the episode played out the way I envisaged it in my head. I had a lot of fun making it, and working with my wonderful voice actors. I am now exhausted, so will take at little break before I jump straight back into things. But hopefully, the wait won’t be as long this time. But I won’t make any promises. This episode took 2 months to make, with me working regularly on it. But I think I’m getting faster!

Please do let me know what you think of it, I always appreciate comments and constructive criticism.

– Serenity

1.01 – ‘Chosen’

February 17, 2008 - One Response

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Forget flowers and Romeos. Love – is just a business.

Like any other business – Love has its hierarchy. Cupid, The God of Love, is looking for a new set of Arrows to do his bidding.

Now, the cards have been dealt, the Arrows have been chosen – and for Katerina, Aaron and Connor – it’s time to meet their fates…





Finally! I finished the pilot!

I hope you guys enjoy this – it has taken me absolutely forever to make. Thanks goes to my voice actors for doing such a fantastic job!

I’m pretty pleased with the final outcome. Of course, it’s not perfect – but nothing is, eh ;). The one thing that has bugged me is the final rendered quality – but considering the drama my comp and editor have both given me on that front, I’m glad I just have an episode to show you guys!

There were points where I did think I had gotten in over my head. Not including my trailer – this is my third video ever! Sometimes I still feel like a newbie :). There were definitely points when I was doing this where I thought to myself – maybe I should wait a little longer and do later on, once I’ve got some more videos under my belt. But heck – I went along with it, and I’m glad I did. It was so fun to make, and really great working with voiceovers too – I’m glad I chose to go with voices!

Enjoy – and be sure to let me know what you all thought! I always appreciate comments, and constructive criticism.

– Serenity

And so it begins…

February 14, 2008 - 3 Responses

Hello everyone, I have decided to start a blog – and voila, here you are. I decided to start one because I wanted to make longer production notes for Cupid’s Arrows (things were getting a little squashed on my website) and maybe I’ll use it to voice my general thoughts on what’s poppin’ in the machinima community, and perhaps even throw some recommendations your way.

And Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! (You could think of my blog as a gift from me to you…err…or maybe not). Click here for a special message from my cast ;).


– Serenity